Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chester Mosaics, England 2006

When Visiting my mum in England in 2006 we took a day trip to Chester an Ancient wall city that was originally a Roman fortress. Filled with tutor buildings and points of interest around every corner, I was so excited when I stumbled across 4 wall mosaics in the Chester Cathedral. In the picture below its hard to see the detail but the second photo you can get an idea of how big this mosaic is by the chairs in front of it. The second picture is just one of four of the murals.

Chedworth Roman Villa

When I was planning to visit England I spent a lot of time researching and planning the places I wanted to visit and this was definitely one of the highlights. On our travels through the Cotswold's towards Bath we took a very long narrow lane way deep into the English countryside to find the 4th Century ruins of a Roman Villa. Its hard to understand how the romans originally found this natural spring. The first view is an impression of how the site would have looked in its day. The house comprised of over 50 rooms.
The villa was discovered in 1864 by two local men out rabbiting, they had to dig for their ferret which went underground, and came across a section of pavement. Up to 50 men where put to work clearing the ruins. This was a fascinating visit and raised many questions for me.

St Pauls Cathedral Nov. 06

As you walk into St Pauls Cathedral it is hard not to be capture by the magnificent beauty of its architecture and art. Its hard to see in the picture but each of the domes depicts the beasts the fish and the birds of creation. Made from 1896-1904. I only had 3 days in London and could only spend 1/2 a day here but easily could have stayed longer and enjoyed the beauty of this creation. The cathedral is filled with mosaics lucky I wasn't allowed to take photos because there would be hundreds. I highly recomend if you have the opportunity to go to London go and visit St Pauls Cathedral and get the tour it highlights so many points of interest you would miss otherwise.

Artist of the week :)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great site

This is a beautiful site created by Carrie each day she features an item and shop from etsy.
check it out!

New products

Hello, it's been a busy week of mosaicing, I added 4 products to my shop and made my first sale on Esty, thanks Kim I hope you'll be happy with your daffodil piece.
I have made some wonderful, encouraging and sometimes crazy friends online. Thanks for your support. Have a beautiful day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Currumbin Swell Festival

Hi, this one's for my friends at Piecemakers mosaic and mixed media forum. This is currumbin beach, just around the corner from me. Every september they host an outdoor sculpture exhibiton called swell you can see more at
I love it its a great day out walking along the beach front looking at the amazing art work.

16th century gold frame
Beyond the Schema Within by Brian Sanstrom

Minneta by Carlos Sanchez
Lucas with the soldier crabs by Monte Lupo

Steel Stilettos by Gregory Roy Cope

My Throne by Leisa Russell
Mosaic Chair featuring 687 handmade ceramic tiles
the year before there was a VW beatle completely mosaiced


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