Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chester Mosaics, England 2006

When Visiting my mum in England in 2006 we took a day trip to Chester an Ancient wall city that was originally a Roman fortress. Filled with tutor buildings and points of interest around every corner, I was so excited when I stumbled across 4 wall mosaics in the Chester Cathedral. In the picture below its hard to see the detail but the second photo you can get an idea of how big this mosaic is by the chairs in front of it. The second picture is just one of four of the murals.


  1. These mosaics are devine. You must have had a fantastic time. Welcome to the Brisstylers.


  2. Gosh, when you think of the work that went into that it blows your mind. Love your pieces.

  3. wow it is really very beautiful and interesting of it place and situation... I have seen and visited lots of historical places too...

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